Tuesday, March 12, 2013


March has been (as predicted) CRAZY. I spent the first week of it in Washington D.C. working at AIPAC with a contracting company to set up and strike at the Washington Convention Center (more details to come, potentially?) Long story short: although it was awesome because of the people I was working with, D.C. kicked my ass when my wallet was stolen. I don't know where or exactly when. The person spent less than $500 of my money, which is incredible because they had it for a solid day at least. I was able to cancel my cards and such, and called the credit bureaus and everything (I don't know a lot about credit bureaus: why do we have 3 that have my information? and they still work together when communicating alerts like this?) I also need to get a new social security card, after I pay my taxes, because as a freelancer who needs several forms of ID often, I had mine in my wallet. *facepalm*

Dealing with no money or access to money (because obviously I'm not smart enough to keep extra cash stowed away for exactly this situation) has been interesting over the past week or so. My boss in D.C. and my friend George, who I traveled to and from Boston with, took good care of me. We were working 20 hour days at the convention center with meals and hotel paid for, so it isn't like I was struggling badly, but not having my ID and also going through the fiasco that is D.C. police was extremely stressful, especially on top of that kind of workload.

I'm now back in Boston and finally getting my stuff restored, slowly but surely. And doing my taxes. And working day and night with Moonbox (definitely more info to come on this show!). And resuming work with the Hunt this week. I thought that working myself to death had cured stress dreams but boy it sure hasn't...living on couches and out of my car in November was preferable to this! All I can say is, if you have to steal money from someone, leave the freakin' wallet. Take the cash, take the cards...but be a decent human being and save the person this kind of stress!

Luckily for me, I love my job and can tune out all that outside stuff when I'm focused on work. As they say: leave it at the door!

Check back again for info about my latest shows, both opening this week with Moonbox Productions and the Huntington Theater.