Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I've taken a bit of a hiatus from writing on my blog these past few months, as you may have noticed. A lot has happened! In terms of work, I have been getting accustomed to being a staff member at the American Repertory Theater, where I was hired in September. We produced a show over the holidays called O.P.C. 'Obsessive Political Correctness' by Eve Ensler. We also hosted Father Comes Home From the Wars, a show from our friends at the Public Theater. I was backstage for both runs, and found myself challenged in many ways, not the least of which has been settling in at a company where my peers have been working there for many years. But time seems to help, as it does so many things.

Father Comes Home

Right now we're between shows, anticipating our final show of the season 'Apocalyptic Vaudeville.' This time off means I get to travel and work elsewhere, which is great. I had a wonderful Easter weekend at home in VT; have revisited some of my freelance gigs and friends; and am looking forward to a trip to Washington, DC upcoming. For once it isn't a work trip, solely for sightseeing! I will be traveling with my boyfriend Derek and coinciding with some extended family traveling as well, which will be fun.

Not much else is new! I survived a struggle with pneumonia and strep throat recently, which ruined my plans for a visit to NYC, but it was better to stay in and rest. I'm starting to feel kinda grown up sometimes, which at 24 is a feeling I wonder if will ever stay...or go away.

Thanks for reading!