Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good News

I'm very excited to be working for A.R.T. again over the summer-- this time for 2 shows, The Tempest and Finding Neverland, which is the first show of their next season. I'll be running the 2nd spotlight on Tempest and on the stage crew for Neverland. Tempest is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, so that is exciting to be working on. Finding Neverland promises to be an action-packed show: it is the first show of next season for the company.

For me as a freelancer, having this kind of steady work lined up through the end of September is awesome! Although there are a lot of employment rules that A.R.T. has to follow, through its connection with Harvard, I believe the staff there is realizing that as a growing theater company, they need to expand their staff as well in order to not have to re-train new overhires every few weeks or months. It is great to be working with them steadily for a little while.

Happy Spring!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Stuff

Now that Witness Uganda is over, I have some free time before my next set of shows to work a few freelance gigs, do my taxes, and complete some long-overdue visits!

Two weekends ago, I went home to VT to see Logan, Bram, and the family. I also spent some time with my college roommates in Burlington and visited my Grandma. The amount of snow they still had was insane! It was still falling!

So I spent a lot of that visit shoveling and snowshoeing. It was the best snowshoeing snow I've seen all winter, and I do like snow, so it was a nice visit despite the fact that at the end of March it should be springtime. I started pruning our apple trees for this season, which was much easier being 3' taller when on top of the snow!

Back in Boston, I've been working some random gigs and also taking the time to do my taxes. I wish I had thought further ahead and gotten someone lined up to prepare them for 2013, since I moved, worked in 4 different states, and had mixed income (both W2s and 1099s). It was really tricky, and H&R Block was fairly helpful but I am learning a lot about saving receipts and counting mileage (in certain situations only). I'll be very happy when tax season is over!

Now I'm in Ithaca, NY, visiting my boyfriend Alex and taking some time off. It's amazing how good time outside of the city feels. I'm also able to relax a little because I have work lined up through September, which is insane for my usual crazy overhire gigs! I will be on the run crew with A.R.T. again, first as a follow spot operator for their last show of the season this year, and then on the deck crew for the first show of the season in the summer/fall. You can read about next season here. Looking forward to working with them again! 

More news to come! Thank you for reading.