Monday, May 24, 2010

May Lessons

Since leaving school almost 3 weeks ago I have accomplished and learned so much! Right off the bat I started working at the Barre Opera House on the Contemporary Dance and Fitness show there, a huge performance that is concieved and organized by a wonderful lady named Lorraine. All the classes perform a dance, as well as groups like Teen Jazz and senior soloists. The shows were so huge that they were split into three nights, with some repeating numbers and some new ones each performance. It is quite a feat of organization and teamwork every year, and though my part as house technician and light board op is a small one I am always so proud of how the shows go and how the dances look. The TD for the Opera House, Peter Monahan, is also the lighting designer for all of the dance shows that come in during this month, and I work closely with him on the lighting and on readying the space for the chaotic (yet ordered) time of dancers upon the stage.

Barely two days after CD&F closed came the One Studio Dance performance at Harwood Union High School. Although a show called Shooting Star moved into the Opera House as soon as CD&F was done, Laurie at One Studio asked me to do lights months ago for her performance, and so it went. This was a harder task for me, since the respoinsibility of designer AND board op were mine, but One Studio is not as used to the sophisticated lighting that CD&F and Shooting Star recieve, and so they were pleased with my simple layout and use of a generic plot. It certainly came with challenges, however.

And finally, this last week before Playhouse will be spent catching up on doctor and dentist appointments, bringing the dog for her check-up, meetings. I also am going back to Harwood for several days this week to help my teacher and friend Ms. Stahl, an influential woman in anyone's view. Having someone read the pieces the sophomores and seniors are working on and giving them feedback is crucial to their passing the classes she teaches, and with time closing in faster than ever to the end of the year (with no snow days to make up for) Stahl sent word that they needed help and could we, seniors from the past, come in? Today was the first day, and I had a wonderful time. Giving feedback and helping revise these pieces of writing- some of which really were written straight from the heart- was a rare treat for someone who enjoyed creative writing, but has barely picked up a pen for that purpose since graduating two years ago. I wrote last night, thinking of those times, and more today. I'm hoping to work more on these pieces and post them here soon :)

Stahl's message was interesting to me. She has always been thinking of the children, who are most influenced by the world around us all, and how they are taught and what they learn from. Between recess being taken away, non-contact sports only allowed in elementary schools, and something called "wiggle cushions" being introduced, it is little wonder that high school aged people are growing desperate and exploring boundaries. Human nature is all about pushing limits and testing the lines. With suicides and attempts popping up all over Vermont, we have to wonder what is going on. Are the boys who have grown this depressed on medication? Are we watching their medication and their moods carefully enough? What exactly are in these prescription medicines going into their bodies? And with the high school and younger generations being immersed almost fully in a cyberspace world where anonymous comments can tear people to pieces, who is the authority for these boys and girls? Stahl really made me think about how we are raised and what sort of stories can ground us and give us somewhere to go back to. Are the children, the future of this world, grounded and secure in any way at all right now?

Such things to consider. What a day today was. Stahl always, always reminds me that no matter how old you feel (especially going back to high school for a few days- boy do kids get smaller!) you will always continue to learn and grow. That's all for today- I'm working on my creative writing pieces and hopefully will get them up soon. Left to do this week: move into my apartment for Playhouse to start!!! Talk to you soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

16 days till Playhouse move in!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My car is almost entirely packed! I'm leaving for home tomorrow! The room is very, very empty- it will be strange sleeping in here tonight. It's no longer my home, morphing back into a generic white-walled dormitory room. This picture was taken on my phone since my camera is all packed up; hence the bad quality. I won't have much internet access for the next few weeks, till the end of May, so it's adios for the moment. On to dance shows, a real house, peepers at night, family, and walks with my dog. : )

Closing Time

Good-byes are ringing in the air here at Saint Mike's as everyone finishes up exams. The quad is littered with half-packed cars and family members picking up their kids. End of sophomore year.

I don't really feel too nostalgic (except when thinking about our graduating seniors) because I'll be back in a matter of weeks for Saint Michael's Playhouse, the professional summer stock theater company based out of our very own McCarthy Arts Center. This will be my second summer as a stage management intern here. All I remember from last summer was lots of rain, a blur of exhaustive nights when changeover from one performance to the next happened, and learning a ton about theater. Oh, and cleaning up confetti night after night :) I'm looking forward to this summer in particular, however, because knowing a little more about what's coming is always a good thing, and John Devlin (our technical advisor and professor during the academic year) will be here this summer as production manager. Subscription tickets are on sale now!

Another thing that will be different about this summer is that I'm living off-campus! I will be sharing an apartment with two good friends just down the road from SMC, a bike ride or short drive away. Hopefully I can get my dog up here as well...but that is yet to be determined. I move in the last week of May; until then, I'll be home working on dance shows at the Barre Opera House and one at Harwood Union High School, with a company from Waterbury performing. As Matt Friedman says in Lanford Wilson's play Talley's Folly, a Playhouse show from last summer, "Worker bees working all night, never stop collecting nectar or honey or whatever it is a bee collects." That play has really stayed with me throughout this year.

And now, it is time to pack the rest of my room. It is looking pretty empty already because I hauled things over to the apartment to store for a few weeks (which is FABULOUS) and all that's left is a few things. One more night here and then it's home to my dog and a quiet house!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Windows and Lamps

I always walk by Lyons hall and see this group of windows on the fourth floor that catch my eye. There are vines grown over the windows- not enough to block them, but enough to be pretty. Two of the windows have soft lighting with pinks and pale orange and pretty curtains. The one inbetween has more of a funky feel with bright colors and a tapestry. I always want to take a picture...but then decide it would be creeptastic and don't.

I kind of wonder how much life would be different if fluorescent lighting was never invented.

That's all for now.